Culture of Corruption

Culture of Corruption

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Culture of Corruption
by Michelle Malkin
Hardcover - 376 pages
#1 on the New York Times bestseller list for two consecutive weeks!

Obama's "Unprecedented" Presidency Breeds Corruption and Kills Change

When Barack Obama launched his presidency, he pledged to "build a more hopeful America." On the campaign trail he promised to do away with Washington politics as usual.

But in the first six months of his term, Obama has indulged in a breath-taking campaign of nepotism, self-dealing, back-scratching, corporate lobbying, government favors, entrenched incumbency, and hypocrisy.

Obama's government is not exactly the change people were hoping for.

In her devastating exposé, Culture of Corruption, bestselling author and investigative reporter Michelle Malkin cites example after example of Team Obama's corrupt dealings and abuses of power. Malkin shows how Obama has hand-picked a team that will do his dirty work for him and exposes dozens of corrupt dealings—all of which the liberal media would rather keep hidden.

From power broker Rahm Emanuel, to pay-to-play tainted Michelle Obama and Joe Biden, to ethically challenged Tim Geithner, to crime-coddling corporate lawyer Eric Holder, Obama's cabinet is all about increased government power and very little about helping Americans get ahead.

In Culture of Corruption you will learn:

- How the Obama White House has circumvented the pesky approval process by simply appointing unaccountable, unqualified, scandal-ridden "czars" to key posts—16 and counting
- How Obama asserted he "never organized with ACORN," but Federal Election Commission records show he paid more than $832,000 to CSI "ACORN's Campaign Services Entity" and then lied about it
- How Obama promises low-cost healthcare for everyone, yet his wife, First Crony-In-Chief, championed a University of Chicago healthcare program that was accused of "patient dumping" and "cherry picking" wealthy patients over poor
- How "Average Joe Biden" has benefited from the former credit card giant MBNA's wealth, enjoying sweetheart real estate deals and lining his lobbyist son's pockets

Culture of Corruption proves that this is the government of the crony, by the lobbyist, and for the well-heeled. Obama lacks the will to change Washington politics, and Culture of Corruption reveals what his agenda will mean for his presidency—and America.