Fletcher Bright Fiddle Band CD

Fletcher Bright Fiddle Band CD

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If you want a taste of the best Bluegrass music around, then look no further! Album features Dismembered Tennessean's champion lead fiddler, Fletcher Bright and his Fiddle Band.

Album tracks:

1. Staten Island Hornpipe
2. Citico
3. Head Light Reel
4. Si Bheag Si Mhor
5. Sall Gardens
6. Lincoln's Hornpipe
7. Red Lion Hornpipe
8. Blackbird
9. Lee Highway Blues
10. Walker Street Reel
11. Acorn Hill Breakdown
12. Indian Springs
13. Battle of Bull Run
14. White Horse Breakdown
15. Shandoah Breakdown
16. Electric Hornpipe
17. Bitter Creek Hoedown 18. Hollow Poplar
19. Tombigee Waltz
20. Southern Aristocracy
21. Sailors Set to Shore
22. Southwind
23. Napleon Crossing the Alps
24. American Hornpipe