Fletcher Bright Fiddle Band: "Last Night's Fun" CD

Fletcher Bright Fiddle Band: "Last Night's Fun" CD

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If you want a taste of the best Bluegrass music around, then look no further! "Last Night's Fun" features Dismembered Tennessean's champion lead fiddler, Fletcher Bright and his Fiddle Band.

Album Tracks

1. Last Night's Fun
2. Come Along Jody
3. Clinch Mountain Backstep
4. Boys of Blue Hill
5. Dew Drop Hornpipe
6. Full Moon
7. Black Mountain Aire
8. Jim Clark Hornpipe
9. Democratic Hornpipe
10. Bricklayer Hornpipe
11. First of May
12. Katy Hill
13. But for Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
14. Blake's March
15. Northstar Hornpipe
16. Soldier's Joy
17. Pretty Little Indian
18. Yellow Barber
19. Camp Chase
20. Opera Reel
21. Jackie Tarr