Dismembered Tennesseans: "Live at The Laurel" CD

Dismembered Tennesseans: "Live at The Laurel" CD

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If you want a taste of the best Bluegrass music around, then look no further than "The Dismembered Tennesseans." These guys began pickin' and grinnin' in 1945, and pleased audiences for the next 60 years. We've selected two of their best CDs, "Live at the Laurel" and "Theft Proof."

"Live at The Laurel" Tracks:

1. Fire on the Mountain
2. Little Cabin Home on the Hill
3. Who Will Watch the Homeplace?
4. I'm Riding on that Midnight Train
5. Flannery's Dream
6. Summer of My Dreams
7. Bluegrass Breakdown
8. Blue Night
9. Heart of the Heartland
10. I Ain't Broke
11. Another Night
12. Black Mountain Aire
13. Roanoke
14. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
15. Orange Blossom Special