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I'm Your Flag So Please Treat Me Right! book

Although many kids say the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the day, they sometimes don’t show a lot of sincerity while doing it because they don’t fully understand what the flag means to America. I’m Your Flag So Please Treat Me Right! is a story told by the American flag. It explains through the eyes of our flag what the red, white and blue stand for, and what the flag means to all Americans.

“I stand for freedom when I wave in the air, so proud of my stars and stripes. Whenever you see me, please show that you care. I’m your flag so please treat me right! I m lucky to have you and you’re lucky to have me. The things that I stand for are why you are free. Be proud when you see my red, white and blue. When I wave in the air…I’m waving for YOU! I didn’t always look like this. When I was younger, I looked different.”

“I’m Your Flag” is an outstanding book by best-selling children’s author, Julia Cook — commissioned by The Patriot Post as part of our Essential Liberty Project educational initiative. The book is a colorful history lesson told from the perspective of our flag, and emphasizes that our flag represents great sacrifice in support of Liberty, and should be treated with respect.

Medal of Honor recipient, Col. Leo Thorsness, notes the book “is a fitting tribute to our national banner, and a great resource for young Americans.”