7.62 NATO (.308) - 2 oz. Copper Bullet Bullion

7.62 NATO (.308) - 2 oz. Copper Bullet Bullion

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Arm yourself today with a 2 oz 7.62 NATO Copper Bullet, perfect for a fun gift or as an affordable addition to our popular Silver Bullet Bullion™. Every bullet, made from the highest quality copper, is a non-firing model of the round developed in the 1950s accepted as the first standard NATO cartridge (also called a .308).

The 7.62 NATO round was designed to retain the ballistic performance of its predecessor the .30-06, but with a shorter cartridge length that worked more efficiently in newer, detachable-magazine rifles. It was first used by the US in the M14 infantry rifle and M60 machine gun. Though mostly replaced in modern service, the 7.62 NATO round remains popular for its superior performance in long range applications.

This copper replica of the 7.62 NATO (.308) boasts lifelike detail, looks incredible in person, and makes a memorable gift for any firearms enthusiast in your life. You can also engrave a name or event on side to commemorate a special occasion, creating the ultimate personalized gift.

2 3/4 inch (71.374mm) Irregular