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Authentic Piece of The Berlin Wall

On Sale!

Available now at The Patriot Shop, an authentic piece of history, from The Berlin Wall where Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

This boxed set contains genuine pieces of concrete from The Berlin Wall carefully enclosed in a cloth pouch along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity which includes the following information:

The is the world famous Berlin Wall. While unremarkable in appearance, it is nevertheless the single most important and impressive souvenir, gift and collectible item in the world today. The Wall’s construction was started in 1961 by the government of East Germany in order to effectively imprison its own populace by preventing it from entering non-communist West Berlin in order to find freedom from oppression. Clearly, the opening of the Wall symbolizes the triumph of freedom and Western values over the bankrupt evil of Communism. By acquiring the Wall, one memorializes the 191 brave souls who died attempting to cross it and the desire of all people to be free and lead a life of dignity.

was: $12.00

now: $11.00