Big Red Calculator, Official Calculator of the National Debt

Big Red Calculator, Official Calculator of the National Debt

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Big Red 16-Digit Calculator
"Official Calculator of the National Debt"

Boasting the largest collection of zeros ever assembled outside the District of Columbia and endorsed by professional spenders, the Big Red Calculator is the perfect thank you gift for your representatives, Congressmen, federal officials in Washington and even for the run-of-the-mill liberal supporter in your acquaintance.

But seriously, capable of showing trillions up to quadrillions, the Big Red (bold red) Calculator can calculate the National Debt ( at least for now) and the Federal Budget Deficit. Large digits allow easy, no reading glasses viewing and large sure-feel buttons make digit entry reliable. Dual power, solar or battery, allows for use in varied lighting conditions. Includes illustrated step-by-step, easy-to-read manual with sample calculations. On this full-featured calculator, 112 Step Check lets you review a long series of calculations which is especially useful when balancing your checkbook or the government's. Tax Rate, Mark Up, Auto Replay and Grand Total functions all wrapped up in humorous novelty packaging sure to bring laughter to the recipient.