Politically Incorrect Guide, The Sixties

Politically Incorrect Guide, The Sixties

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247 pages, softcover

Get ready to break on through to the other side as critically-acclaimed playwright and journalist Jonathan Leaf reveals the politically incorrect truth about one of the most controversial decades in history--the 1960s. Life was more "square" than "groovy" and Dean Martin was topping the Billboard charts--not Jimmy Hendrix. In this blast from the past, Leaf exposes the lies and busts the myths propagated by the liberal establishment. Did you know:

* The civil rights movement did little to improve the lives of average African Americans?
* Most Americans actively supported the Vietnam War and the draft?
* My Fair Lady was one of the most popular albums during the 1960s?

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Sixties proves the anti-Vietnam War sentiment and free love slogans that supposedly "defined" the decade were just a small part of the leftist counter culture. The mainstream culture was more politically incorrect--but you'll never hear that from a liberal pundit or read it in a politically correct textbook.